True Confessions.

  1. I swallow my gum.

  2. I may or may not have bought new underwear yesterday to avoid doing laundry.

  3. I’m too scared to change the cockroach traps in my cupboards.

  4. Every time I am in my kitchen, I can hear them mocking me.”

  5. I have a special method for eating candy.

  6. Skittles: I eat the orange first. Then red. Then yellow. The rest I share.

  7. My friend Leeann thinks this is weird. She recently watched me eat a Twix with disbelief and slight disgust.

  8. I used to drive a gold Sebring convertible named Blanche, in memory of my grandmother. I miss both of them dearly.

  9. My first car was a navy blue Mustang, aptly named Sally. She died in a car crash.

  10. I name my cars.

  11. I live in Maui but my skin violently rejects the sun therefore I spend very little time at the beach.

  12. I would rather drink soda than alcohol.

  13. Eating wheat makes me sneeze.

  14. I sneeze a lot.

  15. I used to be a professional matchmaker for a dating service.

  16. I  was a Young Life intern in Bermuda with a girl named Anne.

  17. Our best friends during that season were three accountants named  Paul, Paul and Phil. They were Irish, British and Scottish in that order.

  18. Anne married Phil (the Scot) and they have two beautiful children.

  19. I went to a Quaker boarding school my freshman year of high school. It was creative and quirky which I loved.

  20. I failed three classes in college. Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece and Asian Art History (twice).

  21. I now teach 6th graders about ancient art and architecture of  Greece and Asia.

  22. My first real concert was Dave Matthews Band. My Young Leader, Elizabeth, took me to see them outdoors in Newport News. It was a Tuesday night my junior year of high school.  We were front row, crushed in a crowd of college kids. It was magical.

  23. My dream in high school was to see the Grateful Dead live. My mom said I had to wait until I was 18.

  24. Jerry Garcia died 19 days before my 18th birthday.

  25. I just used a calculator to do that math.

  26. 28 is my favorite number.

That’s a little bit about me.

Now, it’s your turn.

Be brave! Tell me three things about yourself.

Love, Love, Love,

The Girl Who Lives In My Head

P.S. I really would love to get to know a little bit about those of you reading my blog.


  1. 1. I could not skip when I was a kid. Like for the longest, traumatizing period of time. I just watched all the skippers skip by. Skipping.
    2. One of my h.s. English teachers told me I would never be a writer. 2,500 bylines later …
    3. My drivers license does not expire until 2036. Seriously! By then I could be blind. Or 2 inches shorter. Or finally able to skip.


  2. I did laundry in college maybe once a month….also all due to the excessive amount of underwear I bought so I would never have to do laundry. I feel ya, sister 🙂 haha


    1. Blackie!!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! How are you?? I have given up the guitar as I struggle with ryhthmn. I did give the harmonica a-go and that too was a failure. Where are you these days??


      1. I’m back in Bermuda again. I lived in Canada for 6 years and married a Canadian called Jamie. She wanted to see what Bermuda was like so we moved here 5 years ago. It’s a very different experience this time around now that I am no longer single and Paul and Phil have both left. It is good though. I am playing in a band and Jamie and I are both members of a rowing club. Jamie loves the weather and the beach.

        I’m really sorry to hear that you are no longer married. I had heard a few things from Anne but had no idea of the details until reading it here. You definitely sound happy now, which I am really pleased to hear.

        I love your blog! I will keep checking in to read what you are up to.


  3. I used to think the air hole on the teapot lid was for the tea bag string, even though I never tried it. I also thought that the Bus. Exits on I95 were for buses. Found out it was actually the business district. 🙂

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